Join the Webinar "Increasing Efficiency in International Filing "

December 5, 2018 Wednesday 2PM EST (45 minutes) 


Filing patent applications internationally can be a costly and time-consuming activity. According to some estimates, filing alone can consume between 20 and 30% of an organization’s international patent budget. These costs are often inflated due to inefficient practices and high agent charges. What are the ways to improve efficiency and save money?

The panelists will discuss the various steps in the international filing process and then focus on various topics such as: 

• The benefits of using automation to create a seamless flow of information from the decision makers to the filing; 
• The use of filing specialist to consolidate filings; and 
• The use of translation companies to implement a variety of best practices that result in translations with increased quality. 


Learn how some of the world’s largest filers have implemented these practices to gain efficiency and lower costs!



Roger Gobrogge

Roger Gobrogge (Managing Director, ITIP)

Roger will share his knowledge and experience from managing international filing as the Chief Patent Counsel of Dow Corning Corporation and the Head of Intellectual Property of Rolls-Royce Corporation - Americas.


Michael Degn (Vice President of Account Management, MultiLing

Based on his experience managing multimillion dollar sales organization accounts, Michael will share the tips to successfully manage a key component of international patent filing - translation - and how to keep the consistency, lower litigation risk, and save costs. 

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