Frankfurt European Event

     Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

     Time: 10am - 4pm CET

     Location: Frankfurt Airport Conference Center

IoT needs communication, communication needs standards, standards are patented today. Learn about the latest developments in different fields, discuss with our speakers about possible problems and solutions.

+ Meet high end professionals of different fields, from automotive to technology
+ Learn about different approaches in licensing and how to the handle this situation
+ Follow discussions between patent holders and technology users

Meet among others:
• Dr. Matthias Schneider – Audi
• Dr. Claudia Tapia – Ericsson
• Dr. Nikolaus Thumm – European Commission
• Renaud Di Francesco, PhD – Sony
• Christoph Peitz – Osram
• Max Olofsson - Avanci



09h40: Reception
10h00: Welcome and Introduction
10h25: General Framework for IoT standardisation, SONY
10h50: Patents in standards: an overview of relevant issues in Europe, THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION
11h15: IoT business and IP, OSRAM
11h40: Patents and Standards in the automobile world, AUDI


13h10: A statistical view on patents and standards, QUESTEL CONSULTING
13h35: European case-Law on FRAND negotiation, 4 IP COUNCIL
14h00: presentation: A Standard Licensing platform, AVANCI
14h25: short break
14h40:  IoT Challenges: different sectors interacting, transparency and new licensing models, ERICSSON
15h05: When greed meets thrift – the long way to a fair and transparent SEP licensing environment, AUDI
15h30: Round table: A way to live and let live?
16h00: Wrap up and good bye