OrbitBioSequence Workshop at PIUG Biotechnology Conference 2019

"Orbit BioSequence: Combining Sequence Searching with Motif Finding, Keywords in Fulltext, and Chemistry"

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 – 3:30 PM ~ 4:30 PM


It is very common to have the needs to have more tasks after a sequence search.  Using the latest version of Orbit BioSequence (OBS), we will show how to combine a sequence search with any other type of searches, including full-text, legal status, family information, independent claims or even a chemistry search.


We will show:

     - The basics of OBS:  How to search with a sequence or many sequences at once; how to use Blast parameters and filters.

     - Doing a motif search with complex syntax.  Searching an exact sequence, a SNP, a complete light or heavy chain.

     - Combining results: Using a filtered OBS search, combining with full-text search, and chemistry.



Denis Bayada, Product Manager Orbit BioSequence
Amandine Kandi-Masakidi, Pre-sales Consultant


Questel Orbit BioSequence


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