Orbit Workshop at PIUG Northeast Conference

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 – 11:30AM / 12:30PM
Hotel Woodbridge, 120 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, NJ

Introducing Orbit BioSequence
Searching for DNA, RNA and amino acid sequences across Orbit Intelligence’s massive collection of patents is now a reality.

Presenters :
Denis Bayada, Product Manager Orbit BioSequence
Amandine Kandi-Masakidi, Pre-sales Consultant

Workshop Summary:

In this workshop, Questel team will detail the new Orbit Intelligence features and the brand-new Orbit BioSequence module.

The first part of the workshop covers the new features of Orbit Intelligence implemented since the beginning of the year, which now allow our users to have a better user experience with improved search and export capabilities and access to new charts and data.

The second part of the workshop will introduce the new Orbit BioSequence (OBS) module.  OBS is Questel's latest offering in the scientific IP domain after the chemistry module.  You can now compare many DNA or amino acid sequences to the vast sequences in patent data that Questel has extracted.  All fully integrated with the rich patent information available in Orbit Intelligence.  We will show you how to search for relevant sequences, how to select the best hits from the most interesting patents, how to very rapidly assess alignments and much more.

Both Questel Orbit users and non-users who are interested in learning more about our solutions are welcome !


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